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🪬 A Love That Moves Video - From Tangier!

🪬 A Love That Moves Video - From Tangier!


I hope you’re doing great...! I’m currently on the fast train, on my way to Casablanca with Alex and Ben after what has been two incredible weeks in Tangier! We went to Tangier as we’re now embarking on a new musical journey, and we all agreed there was no better place on earth for us to get inspired! We’re now heading back, completely exhausted, but with our hearts and souls filled with ideas and inspiration! 

The upcoming weeks will be nothing less than exciting and overwhelming. We’re so grateful to finally enter this long-awaited season of our lives! It’s so meaningful to see Alex being Alex again. I really can’t wait to share this journey with you! Greatness in the making!!! 


Here are a few details for those who just joined The Club as I’m sure you have loads of questions regarding this amazing and unexpected release! 

First - The Content 

This unique make-of-art vinyl will be the home of the song “The Love That Moves” we performed in July, 2020, in the Upper Room studio, in collaboration with BrooklynVegan as we were finalizing Alex’s first album, live from the Upper Room series! We were supposed to headline a Europe and UK tour that summer of 2020, which only happened last summer of 2022! 

Second - The Release Date

This vinyl will be available exclusively for The Club members on November 8th, from 10 am Eastern Time until 9:59 am Eastern Time on Friday, November 10th, when it will become available for everyone (if not sold out already). The LP will also be accompanied by several merch items and in different bundles. I will share every package with you in my weekly letter on Tuesday, November 7th, so you can get ready in advance!

Third - The Very Important Details

We will print 200 of those beautiful vinyls and as always, they will be signed, numbered, and Alex will, of course, spend countless hours writing a personal note to everyone who generously purchases one of those 200 exclusive units! There will be no reprints of those vinyls, so it’s an amazing opportunity to put your hands on it! 

Fourth - The Shipping Details 

Your personal postmen will be back somewhere in Europe (not in the UK this time) at the end of November! We’re well aware of the customs fees recently added to every imported vinyl, so this is why Alex and I will be traveling in order to ship those vinyls (or anything else) to you and skip those ridiculous taxes! This means no more, or at least, very low fees for you on top of your order! DIY to the core! :) 

Fifth - The Free Download

You will access the download of this Live from the Upper Room version of The Love That Moves once the vinyls are sold out! :) This should come up quite quickly!!!! Make sure to download all the previous projects if you haven’t already! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

PS: I wasn’t listening to any music while writing this missive, but we’ve been listening to some Oiseaux-Tempête this week while enjoying a delightful apéro! 



We have recently launched an app for The Club! Alex and I wanted to bring this community-driven spirit to a brand-new level and to be able to get in touch with you at the speed of light! Here's a glimpse into what has recently been shared, and you'll find more on the app itself! 

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