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A Special Video of Alex Henry Foster

A Special Video of Alex Henry Foster's Rehearsal For You!

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well.

I must admit that I really enjoy sending you those short personal messages, it’s such a wonderful privilege for me to share insights of all the different projects we are presently giving life to. A true human connection is the most precious gift we can all offer each other, and it may be even more important now that our “world” seems to look for a transitional identity, for a redefinition of what we all tend to so easily take for granted, may it be justice, equality, or compassion.

As Alex Henry told us while we were getting ready for this Sunday’s “Direct-to-Vinyl” performance, such unbearable type of social disruption offers each and everyone of us the opportunity to either become the product of our internal rage or to acknowledge our own darkness and become a glimmer of the light we want the world to be made of.

And since Alex Henry’s music evolves with him, you may discover, as we did when we started rehearsing, a different angle to “Lavender Sky”… Intuitive, honest, real and humble. This is why Alex Henry insisted on turning that live moment into a direct-to-vinyl project; there’s no place to hide or pretend.


The lyrics for “Lavender Sky” became a motion. From the trigger being pulled, a life that keeps on going faster and faster as the unknown measure of time we have keeps on going backward through what may feel like a hasty type of pace, regardless of just how tightly we embrace science, religion, power, control, social causes or whatever we may use to defy our fear of such impermanence …

The most resolute of all denials or the most sincere prayer may prevent our nights from catching up on our days, just as we need to believe we can't stop our lifelong seasons from turning against each other’s nature. But acceptance ain’t about defeat, nor is truth's illusionary immutability something we trust as we go. Maybe that's why, in retrospect, such a lucid tone may portray "Lavender Sky" as being quite a pessimistic song, a bleak way to look at the world, a violent admission of faithlessness…

But while honesty doesn’t know cynicism and bitterness, I see “Lavender Sky” as the acceptance of things we don’t know and can’t control, as much as an admittance of our own fear in what makes us who we are and keeps us as human as the sky we long for… From a stranger to another... all looking for a safe place to fall on our knees without having to find the proper words to whisper for grace.

-Alex Henry Foster


So it’s within that vibe and spirit that I’m writing you those few words. We’re all truly looking forward to sharing this unique musical moment with you on Sunday, June 14, 9am (Eastern Time) / 3pm (Central European Time)!

Please, let’s keep this video private! But feel free to enjoy it as much as you like!

Thanks for your friendship, it really means a lot! Stay safe and well! See you Sunday!

Your friend and host,

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