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I Wanted You To See This Vinyl Before Everyone Else!

I Wanted You To See This Vinyl Before Everyone Else!

I have some amazing and exclusive news for you! As you know, Alex will not only be performing live on June 14 on the Orange Blossom Special Festival Facebook page, but his performance will be recorded and will immediately be the subject of a direct-to-vinyl… In other words, his live performance will directly go on a limited-edition numbered collector vinyl! 

It’s truly exciting, as it will be the very first time for Alex to do something that significantly unique, which is the best part of being such a dedicated DIY artist. From the music being performed live to the hand-crafted silkscreen design made in our atelier and the vinyl cutting and shipping… everything is made here, in our HQ, at home! 

Music is a universal language, and knowing how much of a communal time is needed now, it was meaningful for Alex and the band members to immortalize such a special moment with you.

So! In grande premiere, only for you, here are a few glimpses of what the vinyl will look like! Please don’t share! But enjoy to the fullest! 

Get used to seeing everything before it’s publicly revealed to everyone else… That’s one of the cool things you’ll have as a member of the fan club! 

Also, don’t forget that you will be able to get this limited and collecter vinyl edition 48 hours before it’s available to everyone… 

Pre-order will start on June 12 for you!

Looking forward to hearing from you, my dear friends! 

Your Host,

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