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💯 Alex answered the question “How would you describe your fans?”

💯 Alex answered the question “How would you describe your fans?”


I hope you’re doing well! It’s Saturday morning, 11 o’clock, and I’m in my very small hotel room in Montreal, close to Chinatown, as I’m putting those words down. 

My 9th music conference for this year just ended, and I’m quite happy about being done with those, and kinda happy it ends in Montreal! I’m honestly quite tired but still smiling knowing that the upcoming days and weeks will only be around working on new songs with the people I love the most down here! Great times ahead! 

I just hung up with Alex, exchanging how both our weeks went by and he ended up on fire about a short text he wrote following questions about his artist profile that his new management team had for him! One of the questions was “How would you describe your fans?”, and I could feel, by the sound of his voice, that this had been his favorite part of the survey! :) 

He then said: “I know you’re writing your Club Missives on Saturday usually, so I wanted you to have this today to share it with my friends this Tuesday!” He followed by saying how he misses being on stage and connecting with you all and how excited he is to enter this new musical season, finally!!! 


How would you describe your fans, Alex?

“They are incredibly generous of their hearts and souls towards others, highly empathic, deeply benevolent, socially conscious and beautifully kind. They are emotionally involved, spiritually open and curious, faithful, and eager to trust a sensation they don’t necessarily understand. They are inclusive and disposed, willing to live experiences that are initially disorienting, while being lavish music devotees expressing their support in a wide variety of personal ways designed to connect and commune.

There’s no collective uniform, no specific characteristics, nor is there any distinctive genders, predominant cultural background, unique societal cast or any well-defined individual characterization. If there’s something radiating a little brighter, it would be a common desire to touch the invisible, to be ourselves while being part of a wide uplifting wave if only for a short instant in time, to express some inexpressible feelings, to dwell on something real and honest…

Along with everything that lives deeper within each and every one of us that sublimates any possible description of a community member I have the utter blessing of being unable to define; I would stop creating altogether if I could actually do it…”



Alex, Miss Isabel and I will be doing a last journey toward Germany, France, and Japan in order to ship all your orders in early December. Alex will be traveling to Frankfurt airport, Miss Isabel to Paris, and I’ll be going to Narita especially for you to get your orders right before Christmas for the cheapest possible custom fees!!!



I will be live on Alex’s Facebook profile on Sunday, November 26th at 10am Eastern Time for a quick draw of this more than unique work of art! There’s literally a single copy and a fortunate The Club member will have the chance to own it!

Being a member of The Club is more than enough to have your name in the hat! If you haven’t purchased something from the new collection, worry not, you have your contest ticket!

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

PS: I was listening to The Cure's Bloodflowers as I needed to refresh my ears properly before heading back to the studio! 

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