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💥I Had Another Giveaway Idea! Think You’ll Love It!

💥I Had Another Giveaway Idea! Think You’ll Love It!


I hope you’re doing great! It’s Sunday afternoon, I went live earlier today on Alex’s Facebook page for the draw, and truly enjoyed doing it! Always so cool to give away some of those amazing things to you! Huge congrats to our 10 lucky winners! Until next time…! There will be a lot more of those giveaways in 2024...! 

Thank you so much to you all for making this so-called “Club” such a wonderful and unique place, where sharing, building, evolving, and so much more are the entire core and foundation…! I’ll never say it enough: thank you! 

As I was on the set after the live show, taking some promo pictures with the items and all that, I had this idea which I shared with you in this video below! Hope you’ll enjoy, and let’s keep bringing these communications to a new level as we’re entering a new creative season! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

PS: I was listening to Beak>’s “>>>” album while writing this Club Missive! 

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