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🎼How About We Share Around Music Everyday?!?

🎼How About We Share Around Music Everyday?!?


I hope you’re doing well! Can’t believe we’re already in December…! Every time I start a new folder in my Google Drive for a new month for my Club Missives, I kinda have those flashes, realizing precisely where I am in time, but for this one, December, the feeling has increased by a thousand. This is unbelievable…! Month number 12 of 12, the last few days of the year 2023! I’m honestly not that disappointed since this year has been nothing short in terms of intensity and extremes! Maybe that’s why I also need 12 cups of coffee to go through my days now…! 

It’s already 6pm on Saturday afternoon. I’ve been getting ready to leave for Tokyo for the final shipping operation of the year...! It’s been quite a crazy week here at the HQ, watching everyone run around, all making sure every package is perfectly wrapped, in the right bag, and ready to leave with the right postman or postwoman (Alex, Isabel or myself) and of course, on time...! The funny and strange thing though, is that, as you received this message, I’m about to land back in Montreal after spending 28 hours on the plane on a 60-hour window door to door! 

The best part is that you guys will receive your precious packages on time for the holidays, and The Long Shadows will all be at Alex’s home in Virginia to work on new music for what’s left of the year, something we’ve been dreaming of for so long!!! 

So, since I’ve been spending the entire week working on organizing the shipping party for Isabel, Alex and myself, which is nothing to truly get excited about, I thought it would be cool for me to act cool, and join the trendy movement around the 2023 advent calendar party, but rather than being static and expensive, I decided for it to be free – of course – but also interactive, and inspiring as I’ll be doing daily videos for you in The Club App!



The Details

As you now know, (unless you just joined the Club, in which case I’m inviting you to take a look at my previous missives), I really like to share a song, an album, or an artist that I’ve been listening to while I was writing my weekly message to you. And I take this very seriously, as sometimes, it can take more time for me to choose the song or the artist, than to actually write down my missive. We don’t take music and art lightly here, and I really like to let you know what’s playing while I communicate with you, as in my mind, it kind of adds a lot of important emotions and a direction to those missives.

So, as I was wondering what I should be sharing with you all this week – and it was a bit of a struggle – a friend of mine shared the idea that it could be cool to create an advent calendar with every song I shared with you on a weekly basis throughout the entire year! I immediately thought “Yeah! This is amazing!” Then, more ideas came in and this thing got me really excited! 

My final idea would be this: I’ll be doing a short video daily, probably the first thing I’ll do in the morning following my third cup of coffee, where I’ll share about a song, an album, or an artist that I previously shared with you throughout the year, and tell you a little more about why I decided to put this on and what this means to me! Since most of you are always commenting on the music I’m sharing, I’m expecting a lot of comments on your end and for those short videos to become some kind of a daily gathering around music! 

I really want this to be something gathering as we’re heading toward what will be, I’m completely convinced of this, the most amazing and exciting year of Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows’ entire existence, and hoping it will be the same on your end and for your loved ones! 

Here’s what the daily video calendar will be around. I even made a playlist with all the songs, and you can already listen to it here.


6: AHF (new song Old School Vinyl) **(not in the playlist of course) 
7: Fugazi - Epic Problem (The Argument album)
8: Mogwai - No Going Back (Black Bird album)
9: Mdou Moctar - Kamane Tarhanin (Ilana album) 
10: The Clash - Straight to Hell (From Here to Eternity album)
11: New Order - Blue Monday (Substance Album) 
12: Ishmael Ensemble - Wax Werk (Visions of Light album) 
13: Melanie De Biasio - Blackened Cities 
14: Beastie Boys - Sure Shot (Ill Communications album) 
15: Caitlin Sullivan - Sorry You Signed Up? (She Said album) 
16: Nick Drake - Northern Sky (Bryter Layter album) 
17: Tindersticks - Man Alone (Distractions album) 
18: The Oh Sees - The Dream (Live at Levitation album) 
19: Sigur Rós - Gold (ATTA album)
20: Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (In The Aeroplane Over The Sea album) 
21: Nick Cave - Jesus Alone (Skeleton Tree album)
22: Fred again.. and Brian Eno - I Saw You (Secret Life album)
23: Public Image Ltd. - End of World (End of the World album) 
24: BDRMM - Be Careful (I Don’t Know album) 
25: Explosions in the Sky - Ten Billion People (End album) 
26: Pink Floyd - Echoes (Meddle album) 
27: Nirvana - Territorial Pissings (Nevermind album) 
28: Oiseaux-Tempête - Carnaval (Tarab album) 
29: Joy Division - Disorder (Unknown Pleasures album) 
30: Thurston Moore - The Parkbench (Screen Time album) 
31: Jessica Moss - Light Falls on Every Door (Galaxy Heart album) 


1: José González - Heartbeats (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition album) 
2: Beak> - Brean Down (>>> album) 
3: The Cure - Maybe Someday (Bloodflowers album) 
4: Cosmic Jokers - Kinder Des Alls (Galactic Supermarket album) 
5: PJ Harvey - Prayer at the Gate (I Inside the Old Year Dying album) 
6: Swans - The Beggar Lover (Three) (The Beggar album) 


Make sure you keep The Club Mobile App close to your thumbs! We’ll have such a great December daily musical adventure! If you’re new to The Club, here’s how to get the app:

It is compatible with both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play)


2) LOG IN 
An account has already been created for you. 
The email address is the one to which I send you my weekly missives.
Your temporary password is Club2023
To reset it, follow these instructions.
Having trouble logging in? Send an email to
Feel free to add a photo of you and to change your username!

There are already exclusivities for you to enjoy on the app, so have a look!

PS: A step-by-step guide is also available here.

See you tomorrow! Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

PS: I was listening to my favorite 2023 album while writing this Club Missive! It’s called “Darling the Dawn” by All Hands_Make Light! 

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