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❤️‍🩹 Alex Finally Left the Hospital - From Tangier with Love [Series #2]

❤️‍🩹 Alex Finally Left the Hospital - From Tangier with Love [Series #2]


I hope you’re doing well! 

It’s been a roller coaster kind of week for me, emotionally speaking, spending most of my time worried about Alex, obviously. I tried to make it better for him by filming loads of daily short videos from different places in and out around the house, or in different places around Tangier whenever I had to leave, showing the city to a few friends and clients of La Maison. 

It’s so rich to welcome people from all over the world on a daily basis, this truly is incredible. Last week, since Tangier is hosting the FIFA Club World Cup, we’ve been fortunate to host people from Brazil, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and New Zealand! For most of them, if not all of them, it was their very first time here, in Tangier and even in Morocco! Our conversations around the fire at night have been memorable, I really feel like I’m traveling in different countries every time someone joins us, as we share about so many different topics, between football and culture, music and this world’s realities! So rich, so inspiring, so memorable, like a Maison should be! 

The best part of the last few days was when Alex would answer back via audio messages! Even if his voice was completely different than it usually is, which is heartbreaking every time, it was great to simply hear his voice and mood! The good news is, right now, he’s miles away from the hospital which is a huge relief for him first, and of course, for us all, and for you as well, I’m pretty sure!

I’m still in my room at La Maison de Tanger as I’m putting those words down for you. It’s Saturday morning, around 10 am, and I’m listening to the album Visions of Light from the band Ishmael Ensemble, that I recently discovered and became a fan of pretty quickly! 

I made a video for you from a place I really like in Tangier. Hope you’ll enjoy it!




It was around this time, back in 2020, when the word COVID-19 didn’t mean much to us yet, that Alex was touring all across Europe and the UK, opening up for the American band …And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of Dead! The tour was titled “A Slow Pace of Peace to Come” and ended in St. Albans, UK, on March 11, 2020! Can you believe it?!

This tour has been the beginning of an incredible journey for us, and we’ll be forever thankful to those amazing guys who allowed us to not only open up for them but also be on the same tour bus as them for the entire tour! 16 people in the same bus all over Europe just as the Coronavirus was becoming more and more of a thing as days were passing by… What a crazy and unforgettable adventure!

My highlight of that tour was in Paris, on February 10, 2020, the second concert of that promising tour. All of Alex’s friends living in Tangier and all over France who met him during his stay back in 2016 decided to gather in Paris for the concert! They did this knowing this concert was a crucial and important moment for Alex, as he would be performing his personal musical material for the very first time in Europe, new and personal material that had pretty much all been written while he was in Tangier.

This is the kind of person Alex is, and the kind of friends he has all around the world! I truly can’t wait for his – and our – next adventures! :) The power of the heart! 

You can still write to him here: 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Friend and Host, 

PS: The picture at the beginning was taken while I was showing a friend who traveled from Poland how beautiful, peaceful, and shiny the Atlantic coast of Tangier can be at times...!

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