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❤️‍🩹 An Open Conversation with Alex - 2 Nights Before His Heart Surgery…

❤️‍🩹 An Open Conversation with Alex - 2 Nights Before His Heart Surgery…


I hope you’re doing well...! Much better than me right now, I hope. We’re Friday night, it’s 9:30pm, and I’m in my room at La Maison de Tanger, while Alex is at the hospital, having his heart surgery. He’s been in the room since 3:30pm - 4pm Tangier time, I’m kinda freaking out right now, feeling guilty, powerless, useless, and a bit stupid for being here while he’s crossing the darkest valley of his entire existence thus far.

I’ve been trying to clear my head all day, but the thing is, I just can’t. I’ve been starting this introduction over at least a dozen times, went out for a walk on a few occasions already, and just tried to calm myself a little, which is nearly impossible! So, I decided I’d put on some music, Caitlin Sullivan, playing the "She Said" motion picture soundtrack, pour myself some tea, and drop down a few words to you, always keeping an eye on my phone, hoping to hear about Alex...!

What a damn day… I just can’t get my head around this. Even if I knew this would be happening since October... So many memories are running through my brain right now, some even going back to when I first met Alex back in the fall of 2001. What a journey this has been…! And I like to believe that all those years are just the preface of our very long and thick book! So much to come, to do, to share, to build, to touch, to taste and to laugh and cry about in the end!

For a little while, I had this idea where I wanted to ask Alex a few questions before he’d be diving toward this crazy funnel of surgery meets recovery and so on. I knew you also had a few questions for him, and were obviously worried a lot. And seeing how Alex was handling this life chapter as the date was getting closer and closer, I thought it would be beneficial and inspiring for us all to hear him a few hours before his surgery. 48 hours, to be precise!

Alex has been so generous in accepting my open conversation invitation! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did doing it!

Great news! It’s now 11pm and I just got a phone call from the hospital saying that everything went well!!! The surgeon seemed pretty happy and confident about the entire thing, even though the surgery lasted seven hours. I seriously thought about flying back! I’m breathing again! What a terrible day… But all is good in the end! I’m so relieved and so happy! I think I need a drink… or two!

Good thing is my friend Ania from Warsaw, Poland, is arriving at 1am tonight for 3 days, and Brahim, my friend from Agadir, Morocco, is arriving at midnight for the weekend with his whole family...! Life is so rich!

Cheers to you all! Let’s embrace life to the fullest, since we don’t control much down here, which brings so much beauty and power to the actual moment, this right now, where we can decide to embrace greatness, purpose, friends and family like never before!

More news about Alex next week! Thank you for your friendship and messages! Keep sending them as they truly impacted and inspired Alex a lot!

You can write to him here:

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Friend and Host,

PS: Today is my birthday! Don’t tell anyone...! 🥳

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