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Alex Henry Foster

Alex Henry Foster's Snowflakes in July Vinyl Is Now Available!

I’m very happy to let you know that the wait has finally ended!

As a member of The Club, you now have access to Alex Henry Foster’s “Snowflakes in July” limited and collector silkscreened lathe cut LP, the fifth and very last out of the 5 different editions associated with his album “Windows in the Sky”.

If you are new to the club or if you are not very familiar with how it works, it is as simple as it is exciting!

You have until Friday, December 18, 9:59am (Eastern Time) to buy your copy, which means you have a 48-hour exclusive pre-sale before it becomes available to everyone who isn't a member of the club in the unlikely event it won't be sold out within that presale window.

As a little reminder and contextual portrait:

It was back in July this year when Alex told us he wanted to play a new song for the next live stream moment. We were all very surprised. He then gave newly composed lyrics to Miss Isabel, had a lap steel style guitar and a copperphone (a special microphone) installed at his station, added a few more sheets of lyrics on the road case in front of him, and there we went! 

He kept adding, changing, and striking all over his lyric sheets for the whole time we were following him musically. At one point, he said: “OK, this will be the soft structure. Just stay on cues, the song will move based on whatever I feel that day.” He saw something we were still trying to figure out...! That’s how he likes to operate! If it’s real, it will be alright! If we want to turn that into a jam performance, he will make sure it’s a disaster...! This was a direct-to-vinyl project, which means the live recording would be captured in real-time without further changes, making it even more meaningful.

Knowing the intuitive and unpredictable nature of Alex’s live renditions of his songs, you can expect a very unique moment, especially knowing that “Snowflakes in July” remains his most intimate and personal song on “Windows in the Sky”.

Therefore, as we explained for the previous exclusive pre-sales, you need to remember that every limited and collector silkscreened lathe cut LP always sells out very quickly as we print only between 100 to 125 copies of each edition and that we are now offering what we call our “safety” copies, which only represent a fraction of the total we had originally printed, in case something happened during the initial shipping process.

So make sure to get your copy before they're gone, as there will be no reprint in the future!

Here’s what every “Snowflakes in July” vinyl includes:
– The song Snowflakes in July (Live from the Upper Room Studio, July 26, 2020)
– 1 hand-printed silkscreen heavyweight lathe cut 12” LP
– Signed and numbered limited edition
– 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
– 1 digital download card



It sometimes happens that I can perfectly remember the circumstances surrounding a moment that has inspired me for a song, so much so that I can recall the perfume that was floating in the air, the type of light there was and even the precise details of the faces of the people sitting next to me, as if everything had stopped for a split second only for me to capture the meaning of the instant about to unfold before my eyes. “Snowflakes in July” is one of those songs.

I was concerned about losing it live, crying, being incapable to keep going, or having to stop the broadcast… But at the same time, I was ready to accept it if it would have been the case. That’s what live is about for me; a complete abnegation of self and its most secret ambitions. My concern was for others; all the work behind those live streams is quite phenomenal, and so is the affective involvement of the people I commune those live with. 

I don’t talk much about myself. I’m a writer and I feel more equipped in expressing myself that way, or maybe more safe and secure in that intimate environment… So I was wondering if I could - or if I truly wanted to - share that part of me with anyone in a live setting. Once it’s shared, it’s no longer mine, and it is perfect that way, it’s how I believe it should be and why I have prepared myself to let go the weeks prior to the live stream. 

Prepared myself to remain honest, to respect the integrity of the song itself, to honor that moment with anyone joining me, to make sure I wouldn’t let my demons stand in the way of what is blessed for me to dwell on in order to be part of something greater than myself and even the music itself with everyone… That’s why I say that I’m in peace. I don’t know if I “touched” something special during that live, it’s not for me to decide as it’s not for me to define the nature of what there is to “touch” or be “touched” by… But it was honest in every possible way. -Alex 


What is very important to understand is that, since we only have a few copies left of each of those lathe cut vinyls crafted by Alex himself, we took an important decision to make it fair and fun for everyone.

When we talked about it, it was clear that Alex didn’t want to simply do a “first come, first served” kind of thing, especially not in The Club! He didn’t want to create a competition about it, so we had to figure another way, and I think we did! In fact, that’s what I really like about Alex; there’s always some magic, fun, and depth added to what could easily be boring and insignificant! He is so engaged in every little detail, mixing art and communion with people and meaning into the non-personal nature of commerce! So, here’s how this will work!

  1. Please make sure your account has been created within our new online store: HERE
  2. Each vinyl will be exclusively available in The Club for 2 days for you all to get an even chance to buy it.
  3. There is a limit of 1 vinyl per person.
  4. If we sell more than the vinyls we have in our possession during those 2 days, Alex will go live on his Facebook page in order to publicly draw the lucky winners this Sunday, December 20, at 9am Eastern Time (Details Below).
  5. If you purchased a vinyl during those 2 days and that your name doesn’t come out of the hat during the live draw, we will send you your money back right away.
  6. In an improbable case that we do not sell all the vinyls during those 2 days, everyone who purchased one will get it automatically.
  7. Once the vinyl is publicly available to everyone, it will be a "first come, first served" system until it is sold out!
  8. I will personally reach the winners via email following the Facebook Live draw!
  9. Since those are the “safety” copies we kept in case something goes wrong during the shipping process, we won’t be able to replace your copy if anything happens. In that case, we will refund you. Let’s all hope everything will be alright.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above points, please feel free to simply answer this message and I’ll get back to you personally! 


Thank you again, my dear friends, for making that kind of moment something so exciting! It’s always a real privilege for us to share such a significant time with you all. So make sure to get your “Snowflakes in July” limited and collector silkscreened lathe cut LP before joining us all on Sunday, December 20, at 9am Eastern Time

Make sure to check your time zone HERE to see Alex's live draw held on his official Facebook page!

Let’s enjoy this time all together around music and vinyls! Stay safe, and above all… Hopeful!

Your Friend and Host,

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