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Alex’s New Video Winter Is Coming In - Teaser #2

Alex’s New Video Winter Is Coming In - Teaser #2

I hope you are well…! I was really glad to read all your messages following the first teaser for the video of "Winter Is Coming In" that I shared with you a few days ago!

Here’s another part of my conversation with Alex about the song:

"I was obsessed with “authenticity”, the measure of consciousness it requires to be honest, the nature of redemption, the meaning of being free, contrition, confession, the difference between hope and truth… Hearing the calls to prayer 5 times a day, as I was in Tangier, I could see my father smiling on his deathbed, believing in an upcoming Godly ordained healing miracle as I was wondering what was left of my own faith. So I wrote and kept on writing."

Please, keep this for yourself, as we’ll release it to the world on Friday the 12th of March! Let’s take a step closer with this second teaser! Enjoy watching it before everyone else!

Take good care! Stay safe and hopeful…!

Your Host and Friend,

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