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Alex’s Special Homage to Lou Reed: Release Date & Artwork Revealed

Alex’s Special Homage to Lou Reed: Release Date & Artwork Revealed


I hope you’re doing alright…! I’m very thrilled and couldn’t wait to share some amazing news any longer! Remember that I shared a picture of Alex in the studio while he was recording some vocals on his version of Lou Reed’s song The Power of the Heart some time ago?

Well, now is the time to let you know that this song will be released on May 6th, 2022! Just a few days prior to his UK & Europe tour! Mark the date since, as you know him quite well now, there might be more happening around that date! :) 

Speaking of which, Alex really wanted me to share the full artwork with you all before we release it later this week to everyone! I’m very fortunate to be the one carrying such exciting news today! This is what I like the most about being the host of this Club!!!

Here’s part of a message Alex wanted me to share about Lou Reed’s song, The Power of the Heart, and what it means to him!

Thanks for being part of this great journey with us! 2022 will be very unique and special in so many ways! 

Stay close!!!! More to come! 

Your Host & Friend,



"It took me years, streaming into the bleakest turbulences of my own inner voyage, to envision the prospect of making a monument of sincerity such as The Power of the Heart mine. Self-acceptance in an age of make-believes is what allows someone to find themselves, and it’s once emancipated from the self-preservative escapism that one can navigate amongst the vestiges of their existence, which in turn leads one to simply be, as an individual and originator.

Being liberated from the anguish to be seen for who I am is the reason why I didn’t feel the pressure to mimic Reed’s incarnation of the song nor was I constrained by the burden of having to emulate his intimate intent. If my initial appropriation of the song stood as a homage to Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson’s love and respective creative expression, it would grow beyond its conceptualized embodiment as I began to enfranchise myself through it. It is in that moment that it wasn’t a revision process anymore but the result of a total abandonment designed by my own instinctive drift and surrendering.

Noises became sounds, and musical arrangements evolved into some sort of spiritual uplift for me, turning it all into a celebration of what can’t be owned, measured, or defined, a boundless and infinite transformative ascension that can only be experienced once shared and given away. That is for me the true everlasting nature that is the power of the heart.

Liberating in its contemplation. Compassionate in its acceptance. Transformative in its incarnation."

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