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How About a New Live Concert & Direct-To-Vinyl From Alex Henry Foster?

How About a New Live Concert & Direct-To-Vinyl From Alex Henry Foster?


I hope you’re doing great! I wanted to first and foremost thank everyone who joined us for the live viewing session we did last Saturday! It’s always deeply moving for us to have the chance to revisit such unique moments with you all, especially with all of what’s happening around the world right now. It’s imperative, for Alex particularly, to offer a place where we can simply gather, share, let go, and fill our hearts and souls with something genuinely wholesome and memorable for nice reasons! 

On that day of the live broadcast, on top of the 2 live viewing sessions we did, Alex wrote 100 postcards to send across the world! That’s dedication! For him, this is a direct response to bringing something positive and thoughtful into this dark world. You should see his finger though, that kind of dedication leaves some marks! I'll try to get a photo for you to see this! :)

We’re obviously very anchored on following the news, having many friends on both sides of the borders between Russia and Ukraine. Alex and I have both spent countless hours sharing our deepest thoughts and feelings on this insane and unreal situation. We have friends who own and book music festivals and concert venues, of course being shut down on both sides… But the worst is to see friends who are part of bands who now tragically need to swap their instruments for guns, bringing their families into safe shelters, waving goodbye in the hopes of a better tomorrow.

Alex has been really moved by a few musicians who decided to play music everywhere they possibly could, whether outside in the cold, surrounded by what they used to call homes, or underground, in what they used to call metro stations but that they now call home. We’ve been talking almost all night about it, chatting with our friends over there, being 7 hours behind them. Long whispers… Long thoughtful moments where the right words are hard to find…

It’s with this same humble spirit that Alex and I are inviting you to his home, in Virginia, for the first time ever, in order to attend a unique musical moment with the Long Shadows, so we can all regroup and create a distinguished and significant moment around music, humans, dignity, hope, love, and peace, where humanity will be celebrated in a humble but great manner!

There will be live music, live interviews, exclusive lathe-cut vinyls and so much more for Ukraine…! We will announce this next week, but it was imperative for me to tell you beforehand! 

The live broadcast will take place on Saturday, April 16. More details will follow as we get closer to the date! 

Your Host and Friend,

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