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An Open Conversation with Alex about The Power of the Heart

An Open Conversation with Alex about The Power of the Heart


I hope you’re doing well...!  It’s 8am on Wednesday, and I wanted to start this day writing a few words to you! A great way to start the day, to stay away from the news for a few minutes since these can trouble me quite a lot, and I’m sure it’s the same for you… We’re still on The Power of the Heart vibe here at Alex’s home, especially after 
last Sunday’s live event and new music video release! Feels like those words are deeply echoing more and more as days go by!

Those two last live event we did over the past few weeks have been quite meaningful to us all not only because of their results, but especially because of their journey, the entire process, to not only try and make this world a much better place, but to embrace freedom to the fullest — this being a harder and harder thing to do and even sometimes believe in! I’m always truly inspired by all your messages and the questions you’re asking, bringing interesting reflections and of course, meaningful conversations with Alex and sometimes the rest of The Long Shadows. 

Following the second All the Violence in the World Live Session under the launch of The Power of the Heart, I asked a few of your questions to Alex about how words are a huge part of his life, about the entire process of those coming down to paper and then being sung out loud, and evolving afterwards. I truly enjoy those conversations between you and I leading to longer ones with Alex. I call those “Open Conversations” and I am so thankful for your precious words. Based on all those crazy things happening all around the world, especially for the past 2 years, I think it’s such a healthy thing for us all to keep those Open Conversations going! 

Always feel free to share whatever’s on your mind! In the meantime, please enjoy a very unique moment I had with Alex in what he calls his VIP place! 

I really appreciate you! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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