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Some Tour Updates + VIP Packages and Sound Checks Details

Some Tour Updates + VIP Packages and Sound Checks Details


I really hope you’re doing well! It’s 9am on Sunday morning and today is a very special and long-awaited day since we’ll be playing at the Orange Blossom Special Festival in Beverungen, Germany. This concert was supposed to occur in 2020, and throughout the years, we had the chance to build an extraordinary relationship with Rembert, the founder of the festival! It always inspires me so much to meet people who simply decided to follow an unprecedented path, to create something which even they didn’t know how to do in the very first place, but simply followed their love, passion and gut! This festival is completely aligned with our core community-driven values around art, music and people! Truly looking forward to it!

This tour has been going amazingly well so far! We played our very first concert in Leipzig as we were headlining the first evening of the wave-gotik-treffen festival! It was our very first time in this city, and to see it loaded with people all dressed in black blending La Belle Époque, the Victorian era, and new romantic couture was simply enchanting and attractive. The make-up truly is what fascinated me the most! Very artsy! More beautiful than any painting we could see at the Louvre…!

It felt great to start this tour being on that stage seeing patches of The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division on some of the attendees’ jackets! All bands we truly like! The evening started in a cinematographic way with our opening songs Ouverture and The Slow Pace of the Winds, which slowly became a scene we like to witness, where people simply let go of everything, dance, jump, their hands in the air, eyes closed, simply embracing this moment as if it could be the very last…! Alex decided to join them and jumped in the crowd with his little red mandolin guitar during Summertime Departures… The place lit up, from the first row to the very last one! It was very beautiful!

Looking forward to tonight, and of course, to meeting you all on this Not All Wonders Have Been Lost Tour!

Let’s get down to these very exciting tour exclusives for you, as I received many questions and comments from you all! Having the chance to meet you all in this fashion truly is a treat for Alex and I!

As I shared with you last time, here's a reminder of what you have access to simply by being a member of The Club.



• Sound check access
• Meet Alex and the band after the sound check
• Early access to the merch table


Members will also receive

• Exclusive Official Tour Pass
• Exclusive limited and collectible silkscreen mini-poster


How this will work for the sound check

• Doors will be opening for you approximately 90 minutes before official door time!
• You can make sure of every detail by following this link.
• Please take as many photos and videos you like!


What you will need to get in

• Concert ticket
• Be a member of The Club (Sandra will be welcoming you and she has a list of every member in hand)
• You can bring a friend or a family member, as long as they also have a concert ticket


VIP Packages

• They will be ready for you at the merch booth for free
• It’s one package per member only (does not include family or friends)
• You can only have one package even if you come to several concerts on this tour
• If you come to several concerts, you will always have access to sound checks and to meet Alex and me of course!


This is the extension of how Alex and I highly value your friendship and how thankful we are to share this amazing journey with you during what is Alex’s very first headline tour across Europe and the UK!

Truly looking forward to sharing unforgettable moments with you!

Your Friend and Host,

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