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Finally! Here

Finally! Here's The Club new package!


I hope you’re doing well and that you had a nice week since my last letter! I’m now back in Canada after being away for more than a month already...! I’ve been very fortunate to travel, spend some time with friends, enjoy the calm and the serenity of the Virginian Highlands and the madness and chaos of Tangier!

But, as a very responsible The Club host, I had to come back here since we’re getting so close to the live event and I wanted to sneak into the Fabrik for you to see this new design we prepared! It’s been a real treat for me to see this year X package coming to life ever since we started working on it last December.

I remember we were the entire band together, a few days before Christmas, simply sharing about how devastating 2020 had been for so many, and how many people were getting excited about getting closer to new year’s eve, even though, we kind of all knew, 2021 would be quite similar anyhow. We were still hoping our 2021 European summer tour would occur and that we’d have the opportunity to see you somewhere on the road!

Not really knowing what even tomorrow could be made of for DIY artists like us has always been the mother of all struggles and arguments. Doubts destroy faith and hope, and little by little, everything starts fading out, like the last song of a record leaving only silence in the room. And let me tell you, when this happens, don’t wait for the hidden song on the record: It’s not going to happen…

But as we were all talking about this crazy pandemic and hoping to come up with a serious working plan for the new year, something much different happened. Rather than allowing those frustrating circumstances where we all felt powerless, prisoners of our own worlds and stories, we started talking about hope, its nature, its provenance, its importance, and of course, how much needed this four-letter word was for us all as 2020 was slowly and simply about to become 2021.

This conversation became louder, with some notes of tension becoming more tangible and visible, or maybe it was the wine or the whisky, but I remember hearing someone say hope was broken, that we needed something more personal, something we could at least feel, something concrete, otherwise we’d all turn into zoo animals who, even when their door is left open, won’t feel the need or the desire to walk outside at some point. Others disagreed, saying 2021 would be like the 1920s all over again, and everyone would go crazy, enjoying life like they had never done before…

This conversation went on for a little while until the Love Mending Hope words came out of Alex’s mouth after being silent for a few minutes, which is quite unusual for him, but what is usual these days, right?! He said “If hope is broken, meaningless, and people are careless about it, then love is the only thing left that can take care of it, and I’m sure it can bring back its essence, its nature.

It’s at least worth trying and working for it to happen.” We all smiled, looking at the table, silent, realizing how powerful and inspiring those three words in that order sounded, and how they resonated deeply into our hearts and minds! So simple, so true, so it! Then he said again, “I think we have our SFCC theme for next year Jeff!”

We stood up, raised our glasses, and looked at each other very seriously, as we all knew a very important toast was about to occur. We take those toasts very seriously, being more of a covenant, something we’ll all be able to come back to as days get darker and storms last longer throughout 2021. We know how hard those past 18 months have been for too many and it’s with the same heart and feelings that we wanted to add a nice wind to some broken sails…

We may have lost sight of the shore while crossing the ocean, we might not even know where we’ll end up after all of this, but I know one thing: We’re almost there! Love Mending Hope! Happy 10th anniversary! Let’s make the most out of it!


Just a quick reminder for you to mark the time and date as I’ll show you the entire package live and you might be the lucky winner of the amazing skate deck! I will be live with you this Sunday, June 18, at 9am ET (click here to confirm your time zone) on Alex’s Facebook page! Truly can’t wait to share this moment with you, as it’s been a while since last time! :)

Alex sadly can’t be there because he’s working on a huge project that has been a dream of his for the past five years...! Since we came back from Tangier, this project, this huge dream is about to come to life! Expect an unexpected announcement quite soon my friends!

Take really good care of yourself and your loved ones! See you Sunday!

Your Host and Friend,

PS; The year X packages will be shipped to you very soon, around the end of this month. I truly can’t wait! But please, confirm your address and t-shirt size with the HTR Store, just to make sure we send you the right things at the right place! We want your SFCC experience to be optimal! If you haven’t done it already, or aren’t sure, please, feel free to get in touch with us at this email address:


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