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The Club News and Rumors around Brand-New Year 10!

The Club News and Rumors around Brand-New Year 10!


I hope you’re doing well! I hope you had a great time, as much as I have, throughout the past few weeks around this year’s new theme, design and contest! I truly enjoyed walking you through the early days of this new year’s path under the theme Love Mending Hope! We obviously wanted for all of you to win the skate deck but don’t you worry, we’ll have a lot more contests like this one during the year that just got started! For now, let’s congratulate Angela for winning the skateboard deck! I also wanted to let you know that the new packages will be leaving your way very shortly! This is always a very cool and special moment for us, even though it’s already the 10th time...! How unbelievable! I’m looking forward to this year as our world is slowly reopening. And even if we won’t see each other before 2022, we have a very busy schedule ahead of us! This new reality will always amaze me. I’ve never been that busy even though I've never stayed home for so long in my entire life. Fascinating!


This year will be filled with new music, starting this fall, as we’ll be working on a new project with Alex and The Long Shadows. I really can’t wait to invite you into our creative and intimate recording space. This will be the first time we do that since we have moved on from Your Favorite Enemies. No one has accessed our new creative space and intimacy ever since, which is why I’m quite thrilled about it!

This says a lot about where we’re at now, all together in the band. I often shared about how Alex’s debut album, Windows in the Sky, has been written between Tangier, Virginia, and Montreal, out of desperation, fragility, and uncertainty, which is why, when I see where we’re at now, and where we’re headed, I can testify how powerful this year’s theme, Love Mending Hope, can really become when we abandon ourselves to it completely, especially when our most sacred thing, music, is involved!

As I also mentioned during the latest live event this past Sunday, right after the draw, Alex is actually working on a new book, which is a huge and very important project for him. I don’t have a lot of details about this yet, since Alex has been quite discreet with this intimate project. But knowing him quite well, when Alex is very cautious and almost invisible for days, I have the certitude that the project is very singular, complex, and without a doubt, very personal.


I would like to tell you more at this point, but we’ll both have to be a little more patient, I think...! One thing for sure though is that we’ll be touring in 2022, and there will be new releases around that same time. And what’s great about this is that we’ll embark on this artistic and soulful journey together through those letters I’ll send you. I’m also working on a better way for us to connect and keep in touch more easily! I’m telling you, this year will be quite something! We’ll be in touch very often! :)

Thanks again for being a part of this with us! Truly means the world! Make sure to check your emails for all the exclusive stuff! You have access to a lot of exclusive content, discounts on the store, and of course, free downloads only for you! You don’t want to miss any of that!

Take good care! We’ll see each other very soon! Love Mending Hope!

Your Host and Friend,

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