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Exclusive - Alex will be touring all over Europe this October!

Exclusive - Alex will be touring all over Europe this October!


I hope you’re doing well! I’m so thrilled to announce that we’ll be back on the road this October, for a tour all across Europe, right where we left everything in a hurry back in March 2020! It's incredible to realize we’ve been in this new world, this new reality ever since. But the great news is that we’re going in the right direction, and just the idea that we’ll meet our European friends soon is something we’ve been dreaming of since March 15, 2020! And of course, this is just the beginning! We’ll be back all around the world to see you all again very soon! We’re thriving for this human connection through live music!

So here for you! Exclusively, before everyone else, this is what the “Lights Stretching Over Sorrows” tour will look like! We’ll be playing ahead of The Pineapple Thief, a band we like and respect very much, for 18 nights! Alex and I have been working on this tour opportunity for more than a year now, and we’re very blessed and delighted to be part of this crazy journey after all this time spent way too far from the stage!

We’ll announce the tour to everyone on September 8 only, so this is very exclusive news I’m sharing with you now...! Please keep it for yourself, this would be highly appreciated! :)


As your host, I’ll have the chance to invite you all within the unique universe of Alex Henry Foster and The Long Shadows during the upcoming tour, as well as within everything around it. We’re one of the very first North American bands to cross the pond and to tour on an international level since March 2020. The feeling is absolutely incredible, even if this is a little crazy given the circumstances. I can assure you that we’ll take every possible precaution to stay healthy and well all along the tour.

I can’t stop thinking about every moment I will have the opportunity to share with you, starting in a few days from now! The entire band will meet up in our Montreal studio-church for three weeks of rehearsals and tour preparations, something we haven’t done in a little while as you know! The ambiance at the HQ is quite amazing from what I hear, especially following all those weeks of uncertainty, of not knowing, of hoping this day would finally come over.

Everyone is glad to come to work! Some of the crew members are getting the new merch ready for you, others are getting ready to spread the word out there and for us, the band, we’re getting ready for everything, from crazy loud noises to uplifting melodies where Alex’s words will be moving us all in so many ways!

We’re literally flying, all light-hearted simply knowing we’ll meet again around live music! We’ll have so much to share, so much to let go of, so much to scream out for, and so much to welcome in again! Like a collective rebirth of some sort, where we all have to learn to live and love again... And what’s better than us getting together again around music for this to happen?!

I will be fortunate to share a lot of great insights with you from the rehearsals, from the tour bus, the green room, and of course, live from the stage with you!

Thanks for your incredible love and support throughout those past months, which have felt like years sometimes...! Make sure you also follow The Club on Instagram and Twitter in order not to miss a thing! Truly can’t wait to see you again! :)

Stay safe and well...!

Your Friend and Host,

PS: I’m still in Tangier, Morocco, at La Maison de Tanger, a boutique hotel located in the heart of the old city, of which Alex and I became the new very proud owners! I’m writing this letter to you while sitting on the rooftop terrace, surrounded by the uniqueness of Tangier at night.

I will take some time to properly share our passage into what has been a life-changing city for Alex and all of us in The Long Shadows ever since we stepped here back in 2016 with you in another letter!

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