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Here's What Alex's Tour Pre-Production Will Look Like!


I hope you’re doing well! Alex and I have been so thrilled and touched to read all of your sublime comments and compliments following the Europe & UK tour announcement. To be honest with you, we weren’t really sure about the timing of this tour, especially as we were in Morocco where there has been a 9pm curfew since July 25. It was hard for us to conceive these concerts could happen, as for us, these human and spiritual connections are what we want to experience. We do not want to only be there, playing music to a distant audience or even worse, put you at risk in any way.

Prior to reading your reactions, the past few weeks had been quite challenging for Alex, as I hope you had the chance to read in his latest journal, in which he shares about how the tour title "Lights Stretching Over Sorrows" came to life! A must-read, in my opinion! Alex and I had really intense conversations not only about going back on tour or not, COVID restrictions or not, but about why we are planning on going back. Do we have something to share? Where do we want to bring those live moments from a human standpoint?

This is how Alex sees the place music, words, and art must have in our lives! It’s not only a commodity we stream according to our moods, but an opportunity to be changed, moved, and transformed. Not only you in the audience but for us on stage also! We seek a communion between us all where what we live, what lives deep down within our souls will come out following a generalized and complete let go allowing what really matters to be exposed, to see the light, so we are never to be the same again! This is what those upcoming concerts are for; an opportunity to truly commune, bond, and hit it off!

Reading you all over the week literally changed our hearts and minds. We’re now very excited about this tour, and we even think the context will add to the experience being lived on stage, sharing deep emotions with you, after so many long months of waiting, not knowing... It will finally be happening!


We’re now all back at our Montreal HQ, this church-studio of ours where the tour pre-production will take place in the following three weeks. We haven’t been here together since July 2020 for the live performance of the songs Sorrows (If Only I Had Known), Snowflakes in July, and The Love That Moves, more than a year ago already. I left Tangier last Thursday, a week later than expected since Canada banned every direct flight from Morocco. Imagine our astonishment learning this on the news, not even from our airline, with nothing we could do other than waiting...!

This is why it was hard for us to envision the tour happening. Imagine the feeling: I was planning the whole tour, and all of a sudden, I can’t even go back home! What a world we live in! We had to travel from Tangier to Casablanca, then to Paris, and then Frankfurt where we stayed in the airport all night, took a very early COVID test, then jumped on a 10am flight to Montreal! We traveled for more than 40 hours door to door! I’m obviously not complaining, since there’s a lot worse in life, but this is why your reactions to the tour announcement truly came as refreshing and gave us a better perspective!

Arriving in Montreal being greeted by Alex himself following those long two weeks of inner battles and very deep conversations just added the needed touch of magic and wonders to this very long journey! Trading the ocean, the beaches, the fresh and saline evening breeze, and the palm trees for this early autumn vibe where leaves are already falling on the streets with the prematurely fresh air, felt quite good, especially knowing why we’re all here, and what the upcoming weeks will be made of.

This powerful sense of coming back to this HQ, the entire band, the family, the tribe, the perfect environment to the why we’re all doing this truly was comforting, heart-warming. All of a sudden, everything aligned together and made perfect sense for us all. It’s not going to be an easy three weeks emotionally, but what can we lose, if not this unnecessary will to control everything rather than let go and give birth to what we never thought was truly possible, once again...! It’s with a lot of humility and excitement that I’m looking forward to those three weeks here in Montreal!

I am inviting you to stay very close to us because, for one thing, it’s going to be harder for us to embark on that personal and collective journey without you, and secondly, this is what this community is about; pure human connections. I’ll be sharing intimate moments of all kinds with you in the next weeks!

Thanks for your incredible love and support throughout those past months, which have felt like years sometimes...! Make sure you also follow The Club on Instagram and Twitter in order not to miss a thing! Truly can’t wait to see you again! :)

Again, my friend... Thank you! See you soon!

Your Host and Friend,

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