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Here's a conversation between Alex and me - Exclusively for you!


I sincerely hope you’re doing well! As I shared with you in the last Cult Missive, I’m now at what we call the HQ with Alex and the entire Long Shadows band and crew, something we haven’t lived since July 2020! The past two weeks have simply been an incredible journey filled with a very wide range of emotions! I had the chance to spend most of the summertime with Alex in Tangier, but haven’t seen the rest of The Long Shadows for more than two months..!

This unique feeling of us being together around music is usually an interesting mixture of hope, where we envision what can be accomplished and unleashed in terms of an ardent and uninhibited emotional journey, which is also filled with doubts based on personal fears and the phobia-like fear of the dark side of our history repeating itself. Between you and me, this former usually leads in the polls as we’re heading toward this gathering around a musical project or going on the road. This is the beauty of our story, friendship so far, has always won the battle!

As soon as I left Tangier, I knew we were headed toward something completely new and different this time, especially knowing that this tour has nothing to do with simply going on tour, performing on stage, meeting our amazing friends, and repeating it twenty times. This time, it’s something completely unique, fragile, unexpected, complicated, and loaded with unknown and incertitudes!

Alex shared exactly how he felt about this upcoming tour with you all, as he did with us in a meeting prior to getting together, and it’s been one of those band moments that will live forever, as it was so true, so real, filled with so much fragility, humanity and this got us closer than ever not around the project, the music, the tour, but around what matters the most: this unity of ours, this friendship, this love and passion to abandon ourselves and give it all we got no matter the cost and the outcomes! Easier said than done... But this time, I knew it was very powerful, especially following all of what you so generously shared with me!

I had the chance to share about this with Alex between two rehearsal sessions at the HQ this weekend! Alex, as always, is very generous in where he’s at right now and how the sessions are evolving through the very unique worldwide context we know... Simply very honest...! Hope you’ll enjoy watching!


We truly are in this all together... Even those we won’t meet on the road this, for whatever reasons! There are no bad reasons. This world is so weird and it brings its loads of anxiety, uncertainty, skepticism, and so on...!

It’s with a lot of humility that Alex and The Long Shadows will hit the road this October in Europe, fully aware of what’s going on around the world. We really can’t wait to see you, as we truly miss you! Hopefully, we'll meet this time around, but one thing for sure, it will be very very soon otherwise!

I will have more of those conversations with Alex as the tour evolves...! Always feel free to send me whatever interrogation and comment you have! Always delighted to read you! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Twitter as I’ll be sharing a lot of great moments during the tour exclusively for you!

Again, my friend... Thank you! See you soon! Stay safe and hopeful!

Your Host and Friend,

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