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Here is an exclusive video from Warsaw, Poland!

Here is an exclusive video from Warsaw, Poland!

Hey my dear friends,

I really hope you’re doing great! I’m currently in Warsaw, Poland, on a day off following our very first concert ever played here since we started touring as Your Favorite Enemies, over 10 years ago…! I had the chance to come here with Alex back in 2018 as we were invited to speak at a music conference, explaining how to survive being DIY artists in such a hard industry.

We already felt very blessed and fortunate to sit in front of a huge audience sharing our story to all those young Polish artists eager to create something they’ve been dreaming of for such a long time already. This feeling was incredible for Alex and me… To travel half the world, give back, inspire, and connect on such a unique level with artists of all kinds.

This is why, the last evening of that trip in Poland in 2018, Alex and I decided to take some of the money the music conference gave us as speakers to reach the highest floor there was in the city, a tradition we always had him and I, in order to make a toast, looking over the city, and confess out loud what we’d love to see happen in here for us in the near future. This is something we’ve been doing ever since we started the band in 2006! We asked around and there was this sky bar in a hotel nearby where we lived, so we decided to go there and order a whisky, even if we both knew it would be way too expensive for two punks coming from nothing. But for those moments, we kind of don’t really care: the symbolism and the faith it creates within us is priceless.


Now, imagine last night, three years later, almost to the day, following one of the world’s craziest pandemic ever recorded, setting foot for the very first time in this amazing city, amazing country, in front of a crowd whom, for the most part, was attending their first event since March 2020.

Right before hitting the stage, Alex and I hugged each other, remembering this very specific moment when we were in Poland, about to give birth to Alex Henry Foster in November of that same year 2018, in one of the highest points of the city, confessing that his music would bring us back here… And here we are!

This hug was quite powerful and meaningful, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. Knowing all of what we and everyone went through, we were both very emotional and speechless, also knowing all it took not only for us but for the entire audience to be there that night. Words aren’t enough to describe how intense of a first concert in Poland it has been..! I will never forget this specific and precise moment in time when we stepped on stage, saw the entire crowd, heard the first notes, and Alex’s eyes and mine met, followed by a short and discreet smile, both knowing what it really meant to be there!

Knowing this would be a very special moment in our lives and career, I wanted to share what our setup looks like for this tour right after soundcheck! Exclusively for you! Enjoy!

Take good care! Stay safe! Thanks for being part of this incredible journey!

Your Host and Friend,

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