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A conversation with Alex in Pratteln, Switzerland!

A conversation with Alex in Pratteln, Switzerland!


I really hope you’re doing well! It’s actually close to 2am as we’re leaving Germany headed toward France where we’ll be playing in Lyon for the very first time in our lives! This feeling of visiting new cities for the very first time around music is always unbeatable for Alex and me. Every time we plan to go on tour, we try to unveil a new map, as we like to say...! This tour with The Pineapple Thief has been quite generous in that sense as we played for the first time in Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, and Stuttgart earlier tonight and tomorrow in Lyon!

I’m seated in the back of the bus, as everyone just hugged good night after an amazing day at work where everything went above and beyond for us all! The vibe on this road ship is actually outstanding, and we all can’t wait for tomorrow to come by! This is an inspiring feeling to know we’re all exhausted but can’t wait for the next day to arrive for more adventure, more music, more people to meet, more stories to write and share! We’re all truly embodying the name Alex gave this tour, “Lights Stretching Over Sorrows”. The past 20 months have all been — or at least felt like — a never-ending process of not knowing what truly was ahead of us all. It’s just great to celebrate life to the fullest day after day!

We spent a day off in Switzerland earlier this week where I had the chance to sit down with Alex and follow up with him on our previous conversation, when we were finishing the pre-production process at our Montreal HQ. Since we hit the half-tour mark after playing 9 shows already, I wanted to ask him a few questions about this tour, and hear him open up about all the interrogations he had regarding this tour prior to departure!

Exclusively for you, live from the Pratteln Z7! Enjoy!


We’re about to hit amazing cities for the first time such as Lyon, Strasbourg, and Mainz! Stay close, as I have so many other questions for Alex, and I know you do too! Feel free to send them over!

If you missed the latest Cult Missive I sent from Warsaw, Poland, where I’m introducing what our stage looks like with a short surprise at the end of it, click here!

Take good care! Thanks for everything!

Your Host and Friend,

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