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A Very Unique and Collectible Box Set for you!

A Very Unique and Collectible Box Set for you!


I sincerely hope you’re doing well! As Alex said on his socials a few weeks ago, we had to take off for our annual leave right after the tour, in order to plan the year to come, and of course, have some fun while doing it...! Here I am while I put those few words down, sitting on the beach between the birds, the waves, and the sun, looking at the wonderful horizon as what seems like a promising day slowly but perfectly takes place in front of my eyes. This moment is so graceful and breathtaking, even though I’ve been coming here every year for the past decade. Starting my days on this exact same chair every time, today it feels so different, it feels so real, it feels so alive... All of what’s in my heart and mind are those past few weeks spent on the road, having the chance to meet so many of you, finally!

Prior to leaving on tour, last September, Alex shared with you how this year, 2021, had been quite overwhelming and how it’s been hard for him when he learned on July 29 that we would be leaving for Europe starting October 6. The joys and beauties of being DIY...! Between renting the music gear, the buses and vans, we had to get the merch ready and above all, the music! Windows in the Sky has been a long and exhausting journey (I’ve shared about this with you over the last year), but we regrouped and took it one rehearsal at a time, fighting to touch the invisible, hoping to arrive on stage after all these long months with something to give, something to share, something for us all to commune and to gather around. It’s been a long and intensive month of September, but as we openly shared it with you before leaving during this conversation between Alex and I, things got back together, obviously, as always, the night before we left!

It felt so powerful to walk on stage night after night after all this waiting, to see real people in the audience. For Alex, the best part is always spending time with you at the merch booth. We had to fight hard with the other band’s tour management to allow us to do so, as they were scared we wouldn’t finish the tour. But for Alex, there was no other way of doing this, it was a deal-breaker! Alex managed to be at the merch booth every night, except for Brussels, at the Ancienne Belgique, because the other band’s tour manager decided to modify the sanitary rules for "security" reasons, forbidding Alex to be there, which was really frustrating for him. I have never seen Alex that mad and disappointed during this entire tour - so much that it almost ended right there. He  argued very loudly with the tour manager in the backstage area about it for a long while... Very sorry for our Brussels friends and family, but this was beyond our control! The cool thing is that it only lasted one night!

It was so beautiful to see him get onto the bus night after night, explaining his conversations with you all, sharing parts of your background, and how touched and inspired this made him feel! Before every concert, he would remind us this is why we’re doing this, mentioning a few names with their stories, all of what they’ve been through during COVID and beyond, that we had to give our best as if it was our last show ever! Some called him the Crazy Priest!

Here’s an exclusive video for you to see what the tour was like! Please, keep this for yourself, since this will only be shared amongst the SFCC members! :)


Alright! Since we’re all very excited and still walking on clouds following this amazing tour, Alex and I thought it would be a great way to end this very long year by releasing a very exclusive white boxset! Earlier this year, on April 16, we released a triple LP boxset for Standing Under Bright Lights (Live from the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal) which sold out very quickly, by April 21. We then followed on June 2nd by releasing 200 copies of a lathe-cut version of the song The Son of Hannah, which was also sold out two days later...!

As some of you know, we always keep a few copies of those very unique DIY and handmade lathe cut versions as we encountered very sad stories regarding shipping in the past. Having a few copies left, we decided to create a new box set, especially that we now have new members following the European tour we just did, and many of them were asking — not to say begging — us to release those vinyls again.

So, here they are! All bundled together, the very limited white boxset contains our 3 handmade lathe-cut vinyls, as well as The Son of Hannah’s single LP for a total of 4 LPs! The entire box set is signed, numbered, and will of course be joined by a personalized letter from Alex!

“Standing Under Bright Lights” is a live album and film featuring the entirety of Alex's very first concert at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal on July 5, 2019. It includes the live rendition of every song from the album “Windows in the Sky”, performed by an 11-piece band.

The “Standing Under Bright Lights” special lathe cut white box set includes:

- 3 clear lathe-cut LPs with their center labels silkscreen printed
- Signed and numbered limited edition of 14, numbered I to XIV
- 3 hand-printed silkscreen jackets
- 3 hand-printed silkscreen inner sleeves
- 3 silkscreen posters (size 12” x 12” (W x L))
- 1 handcrafted lyrics notebook
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen slipmat
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen canvas
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen box
- 3 buttons
- 1 digital download card 

The Son of Hannah Single
- 1 clear lathe-cut LP with one side silkscreen printed.
- Signed and numbered limited edition of 200
- 1 hand-printed silkscreen jacket
- 1 digital download card


These amazing boxsets will go on sale exclusively for you, the SFCC members, starting on Saturday, December 4 at 10am Eastern Time for 48 hours!

There are only 14 boxsets available, so please make sure to be there early! It’s a first-come-first-served principle, so, no contest this time contrary to what we did in the past.

Please, let me know if you have any questions! We’ll announce this to everyone on November 30 only... Another cool perk of being an SFCC member!


Stay very safe, and hopeful above everything else! I’ll be here with Alex for another few days since we have a lot on to plan for 2022!

We don’t know what this next year will be made of, but one thing for sure, we’ll get closer and closer no matter what comes ahead!

Take good care!

Your Host and Friend,


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