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Finally! The Club

Finally! The Club's New Package Inside!!!


I really hope you’re doing great! It’s 9am on Friday, here I am sitting on a plane in Casablanca, about to leave for Montreal in a few minutes! Last week has simply gone by so quickly, just like water falling through my fingers, which is not quite unusual when I am in Tangier with Alex for a few days only. This short trip truly was one of a kind and very meaningful for Alex, since his very first Tangier friends and family, who welcomed him back in 2016, when he went on his own for what was supposed to be a few weeks and became months, were celebrating 15 years of life in Tangier. 

We got to Tangier precisely on the date of a very-well organized party around this huge accomplishment for those amazing friends of ours! We arrived at their home at around 8pm that evening in an already crowded place, full of people we had the chance to meet over the years, most of them having played an important role in what became a long personal journey toward the brightest of all lights; freedom! I was stunned and speechless when my eyes got upon the walls covered with pictures, in a mosaic fashion, pictures of all sizes, some colored, some black and white, all taken around our very dear friends for the past 15 years. I’ve never seen such a vibrant, vivid and inspiring vibe coming out of single pictures around 2 guys who also arrived in Tangier 9 years prior to us, seeking answers, meaning, and purpose. 

I’m sharing this with you since this year’s theme, shared with you last week, resonates even more powerfully following such an inspiring and soulful passage in the city that changed everything for us! Six years ago, as Alex stepped foot for the first time on his own at their guest house, not knowing at all how much everything he believed in and thought he knew as truths was about to be confronted, challenged and to be metamorphosed into the greatest of all stories for us. What those people offered Alex is, to me, the greatest gift of all; Be yourself no matter how you feel about yourself. 

Following this unforgettable evening around our friend’s 15 year in Tangier, I had the opportunity to sit down with Alex alone for a few hours on a quiet afternoon at La Maison de Tanger – if you were not aware of this, Alex and I own a boutique hotel in Tangier. Most people had left for the beach, the museums, or simply allowed the city to unveil itself to the curious ones, so here we were, feet dipping into our small Moroccan pool, African sunshine on our faces, sipping some local gin we had imported from Quebec, and I had the chance to ask him a few question about this very first trip to Tangier, about this year’s theme, friendship, freedom and some more...! When our lovely guests started coming back from their very warm afternoon around town, we had to dry our feet and get busy for another amazing evening, traveling around the world through conversations of all kinds, but memorable for most of them...! I truly love this place! 

I’ll have the chance to share this conversation Alex and I had that afternoon with you on an upcoming Tuesday, as I’m sure you now noticed I've been sending you a new email every Tuesday for the past three weeks! It’s a lot of work for me to write down this conversation, and I want to take the necessary time for it. But anyway, as the title of this missive says, for now, something somehow quite cool and important, exclusively for you, I’m very pleased and delighted to share this year’s new package and design around the theme Brighter As We Rise Up Again!



I’ll be Live on Alex’s Facebook page this Saturday, September 10 at 10am (Eastern Time), introducing the new Old School and New School packages to everyone and explain what The Club is all about! It’s an amazing opportunity for us to gather and for you to invite your family and friends! 


We will ship those packages for you around September 20! I’ll of course let you know and update you regarding this important phase! 

See you next weekend! 

Your Host & Friend, 

PS: I was listening to Roger Doyle’s Time Machine album while writing this Cult Missive! It’s part of a playlist I titled Deep Work

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