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This Year’s SFCC New Theme and Package Introduction! 

This Year’s SFCC New Theme and Package Introduction! 


I hope you’re doing well! I’m actually on a fast train between Casablanca and Tangier in Morocco with Alex and Isabel as we’re headed toward La Maison de Tanger for a few days! It’s 11:30 am as I’m writing this down, listening to Mogwai’s “Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will”. Really love this two-hour train ride where I can get lost in my thoughts while looking outside the window, between all those small villages built on the very reddish-colored soil, loads of palm trees which I always like to be surrounded by – probably the result of growing up in the snow as a kid – and of course, the Atlantic Ocean at the very end of the spectrum! All those elements, those colors, those rich and diverse odors make me realize I’m in Africa, and every time, I just can’t believe how amazing this is, how privileged I am to be here with my best friends...! I’ll make sure you’ll be a part of this journey with us as much as possible!

We just came back from an incredible European tour after two very long years of waiting, and here we are, traveling again but with a completely different vibe and purpose. I’m not completely sure if I can share this with you, but there are some rumors around Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows going to Tangier to work on new musical projects at some point...! Let’s try to find and figure out what this could be all about while I’m here...! :) I might have to ask Alex a few questions about it, don’t you think? 

I sincerely hope and wish you will have the opportunity to come and visit at some point since this city truly is one of a kind, a place of its own where everything changed for us, a city that saw the birth and rebirth of this unit, this tribe of ours and its album Windows in the Sky as I’ve been sharing a lot about in the early days of my communications with you all! If you are new to The Club, I strongly invite you to read those cult missives in which I shared about the genesis of it all.

It’s incredible to be back and to realize how Alex has traveled a long way to embrace life as most of you saw him do in the past few months as we toured Europe… I’m telling you, this is not what the years 2015-2018 were made of, pretty far from it in fact. But being here now, after all those incredible moments we shared with you all across the summer, I’m expecting a lot of magical and unforgettable moments from this trip! 



If you just recently joined The Club, we have a yearly tradition that has been lasting for 11 years now. Alex develops and designs a membership package under a soulful theme for the year. This idea that Alex had to give The Club a yearly theme, identity, vision, and colors, has always been such a huge treat every year, so is discussing it, designing it, and then sharing it with you!

This year makes no exception and we’re already getting to that specific and exciting time of the year! Last year’s theme and designs around “Love Mending Hope” have been quite meaningful to us all, sparking so many great conversations throughout a year that has been like no others on so many levels, good and bad. We were waiting to come back from tour and celebrate this new year all together… And the time has now come!

So, for the 11th time, we’re now very proudly celebrating this community spirit, those precious friendships, and the unlimited possibilities of what being together can truly mean. We live in a world that’s more and more cynical, where everything mainly is about the I, the me, the myself, more than anything else. Loads of studies now expose how the past years of pandemic brought more social distortions, with senses of empathy, compassion, and greatness being swapped for embitterment, grudges, and antipathy.

For Alex and I, it’s all about us, the we, the community, this sense of a tribe that we’ve all encountered, shared and built together since the very beginning and that reached new heights all summer long! 


Sometimes, the unexpected emergence of new vibrant sensations reveals some pieces of tomorrow’s foreseeing images, made of fragments of memories, of faded fractions of long-gone shivering emotions, all reflecting flashes of untainted words, of emancipated sounds awaiting to be, from which I can discern the shadowing motion of life’s rebirth as we slowly awaken from brokenhearted hopelessness… Restored, revived, renewed. Liberated, as we rise up again. An everlasting dawn, radiating brighter as we blaze into now… Free!

- Alex Henry Foster


Thank you so much for being part of this incredible journey as this new SFCC The Club year is just getting started! I’ll be in touch again with the full package being revealed to you next week! 

I wish you the most wonderful of all weeks in the meantime! 

Your host and friend, 

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