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I Have Very Exciting News You Might Want to Check Right Now!

I Have Very Exciting News You Might Want to Check Right Now!


I really hope you are doing well under those circumstances. It’s kind of hard to believe we are still in the same pandemic we were in when I first started sending you those letters precisely a year ago. I was part of those who believed this thing would only last a few days, maybe weeks, and at worst one or two months, but here we are...! One thing I learned has been to let go of so many things I thought I knew or controlled..! 

It was very nice and beautiful to see you all getting excited for Alex’s new Europe and UK tour dates we just announced for 2022 last Monday. This brought a breeze of fresh air, hope, and great conversations between Alex and me about getting back on stage and finally seeing you again or meeting you for the first time! For this news to come right after we released Standing Under Bright Lights, a live album of what was Alex’s very first concert as a solo artist, has been a real treat and it has brought such an astonishing vibe and lifeblood within Alex and us all in The Long Shadows! And we’re very thankful for that!

For those of you who recently joined our community or fan club, this connection has always been the driving force of our creative universe, bridging people, celebrating differences, unity, and peace! It’s sometimes been a very long and rough road for us all over the past decade, but through several conversations with you all, through the privilege we had to travel the world, giving birth to inspiring moments where we witnessed so much humanity, it allowed us to evolve as people and artists. I would be lying to you not admitting that those past few months have inspired us all to go back into the studio get busy creating new material...! But I will talk about this a little later, when the right time comes up, don’t worry! 


For Alex, every concert has always been an opportunity to create something new, something different, and this spirit and way of life has always been following us over the years, even if this approach has always been a serious challenge, especially for that very first concert we played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Alex has always liked to create a new concert song opener or ambiance, which is of course completely unknown to the audience. But what he precisely enjoys is that the song sets up the right tone and vibe for what is about to be shared musically. Following months of work on turning "Windows in the Sky" into a live concert, the time had finally come to get busy with the concert introduction, which is now known as "The Son of Hannah". I already shared with you the story behind this song and what it means to Alex - you can read it here if you haven’t already!

For those of you who attended concerts, whether it was as Your Favorite Enemies or Alex Henry Foster, there’s always been this notion of allowing the spirit of the people to lead the way, not us the artists on stage, but us all in the venue or at a festival, always making sure we’d all be as one at the very end of the show and afterward...!

As Alex mentioned several times, we’re not a jukebox, but we have the incredible privilege of creating something unforgettable! Let’s keep our hearts and souls open for something much greater than our selfish self, which is exactly what happened that evening when this moment now called "The Son of Hannah" occurred! 

So, finally, here it is, immortalized in grand Alex Henry Foster fashion, the clear lathe-cut vinyl of the song "The Son of Hannah", recorded live on July 5, 2019, as we were headlining the Montreal International Jazz Festival! 


This unique and homemade lathe-cut vinyl will be available starting Wednesday, June 2 at 10am Eastern Time for you, and will remain available exclusively within The Club for 48 hours on Alex's online store! That’s one of the amazing perks of being a member!  

Following those 48 hours, the vinyl will be available for the non-members as well, starting Friday, June 4 at 10am Eastern Time. We printed only 200 of those little treasures, so I’m inviting you to be quick! From what I remember last year, these special editions always sell out pretty fast!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Stay safe and hopeful! We’re getting out of this madness! 

Your Host and Friend,

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