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Sold Out!!!! - Thank you so much with an apology..!

Sold Out!!!! - Thank you so much with an apology..!


I’m thrilled to announce that the white boxsets are already sold out! Congratulations to all of you who managed to get one of those white boxsets! It’s with a very grateful and thankful heart that Alex and I sharing those unique projects with you. 

To be really honest with you all, I never thought those boxsets would all be gone in less than 5 minutes!!! Alex and I had a conversation around this prior to launching the campaign, and we both agreed that, since these were expensive boxsets, it would be preferable to do this on a first-come-first-served basis. I think we made a mistake, and we kind of underestimated your love, your passion, and your dedication towards what to us is way more than vinyls. And we really know now how you feel the same!

I know how some of you have been really disappointed since it only took five minutes for those 14 box sets to go, even if the item was in some people’s carts and disappeared in the end. We used to do vinyls raffles in the past with such limited editions, around the 10% retainers we were keeping in case the post services were messing up, as some of you remember. But even then, we received some complaints about how this should be a first-come-first-served system, making it fairer for those who were ready to wait hours before the items were available.

I simply thought it was important to mention that there are 4 stores that are connected to one another, managing the global quantity of items there is available. This is the reason why some of you encountered such disappointment. Trust me I feel you, as many of you saw the boxset disappear from your cart all of a sudden. Alex and I are only about creating soulful moments and collectible items for us to gather, enjoy, share and to celebrate music, art, and life. It is never to disappoint anyone, even if we know it’s sometimes the case, and it happens no matter the format we use around those collectible items with very low availability.

Let’s work around these exclusive releases together in order to make it easy, simple and above all, enjoyable for us all…! For all of you who just recently joined the club, know one thing: we’ll start the year with another lathe-cut vinyl, and there will be a lot more throughout the year, since 2022 will be all about music, music, music, and of course music! :) 

We wanted to thank all of you not only for making this possible, but especially for sharing with us throughout the past few days about music, vinyls, encouraging us to dig down deeper knowing we were away for our annual planning week. This truly means the world to us!

We’re now back "home" to finalize a few things before the Holidays and to get started for 2022! Even if we don’t really know what the world will be like throughout the year, we’ll make sure to do everything we can for us all to stay as close and connected as we possibly can. As this year’s motto says, "Love Mending Hope", our resilience to live to the fullest, to dream higher and bigger, will give birth to so many great projects and moments over 2022...!

As Alex shared with you earlier this year

There’s no absolute, no fate, only our resilience to be, imperfectly radiant, like an evolving stream that keeps on flowing, at once calm, agitated, troubled, and serene. That’s the magnificent blessing we have after such a long collective nightmare. No matter what was before, we now are. Alive. Able to be. Free from our own limited design and from everybody else’s demise... Love mending hope.

Even if this world isn’t turning around quite well as we hear a whole bunch of things around those variants — and I know how frustrating this all sounds — let’s take courage and hang in there as we’re all into this together. Magnificent moments truly await us all. You have my word!!! Love Mending Hope!

I’ll be in touch again very soon! Thanks again for everything and congrats on the boxsets!

Take very good care!

Your Host and Friend,

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