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Watch Alex Henry Foster’s New Lyric Video

Watch Alex Henry Foster’s New Lyric Video


I hope you’re doing well! I am delighted, as always, to be back here, sharing with you, on this lovely and beautiful Saturday morning. I’m listening to the new Metz album right now, Up On Gravity Hill, a band I’ve really liked since their beginning, and had the huge privilege to see perform live in Hamburg, at the St. Pauli Bunker! One of those concerts where you’re so mesmerized that you don’t realize that everyone has left until security is nicely – well at first – trying to escort you out…! 

Last week has been quite an intensive one for everyone here at the HQ, as Alex and I were getting ready to leave for Frankfurt with hundreds of packages of Kimiyo, hoping they’ll be delivered before the official release date of April 26! These moments are always quite crazy and stressful for us since no mistakes are allowed, but it was so inspiring and beautiful to hear Alex (while we were walking our +10K daily steps) talk about how he likes to send you all personal audio messages you’ll be able to listen via QR codes. The road it took for him to get precisely there is nothing short of a miracle...! It’s simply beautiful to look at him slowly becoming a greater version of himself on pretty much every possible level. 

As you’re reading this, Alex and I are currently in Frankfurt, and hopefully, Air Canada did everything a proper airline normally does, the shipping has properly been done, and we’re enjoying a little bit of what this city has to offer. I’m sure that all we are talking about is how thrilled we are to come back here in a few weeks for this long-awaited summer tour! Truly can’t wait! We’re figuring out great ways for us all to be really close and connected all summer long! Exciting times ahead!!! 

As we’re about to launch Kimiyo this Friday, I thought it would be cool to share the next lyric video exclusively with you today! I had the chance to ask Alex what this song was all about, and here’s what he said to me: 

Under a Luxuriant Sky

"Some songs are written long before you’re even emotionally disposed to welcome their liberating nature, to abandon yourself in their enfranchising essence. Under a Luxuriant Sky is one of them. It slowly surfaces throughout what feels like an endless journey of turbulence, delicately enlightening a path of self-acceptance, gently lying its hopeful benevolence at your sorrowful feet to shine your way home… Wherever home may be."


Finally!!! Ben and I gathered earlier today and decided to roll up our sleeves after our first morning coffee. We gathered in studio A and counted those snare shots once and for all… We’ve been so busy lately that we never managed to do it before now! 

Here’s a little excerpt of how much fun we had doing this very first  – but not the last – contest! 

Following the filming of this video, Alex asked me: “So, who won?!” 

Me: “No one did this time, unfortunately...” 

Alex: “What are you going to do about it?” 

Me: “We'll keep the drumsticks for another contest!” 

Alex: “You should do a draw with everyone who participated in the contest!” 

Great news, then!!! The snare contest goes on, and will be finalized at some point in another missive! 

Thanks to everyone who participated and who spent time watching Ben killing it on drums!!! More to come!!! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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