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Watch now! The Son of Hannah, Alex’s New Video teaser!

Watch now! The Son of Hannah, Alex’s New Video teaser!

I hope you had a weekend as great as we had here at the HTR headquarters! It was so overwhelming to be part of such a great vibe and spirit, fully embraced by everyone in the team as we were releasing the entire Standing Under Bright Lights project from Alex!

I’m trying to think of another album release we did since we started releasing music back in 2007 that has been done in the same vibe as the one we just did last Friday, and I honestly can’t find any. The vibe hasn't always been like that around this project, as I’ve been sharing with you before the end of last year, but I can tell you that we’re fully enjoying and embracing it to the fullest! It’s so overwhelming!

It’s with the same state of mind and heart that I have the chance to share a short excerpt of what the upcoming video for Alex’s song "The Son of Hannah" will look and sound like...! We are releasing the video this Friday! Exciting week ahead! :)

Enjoy as many times as you like...! Can’t wait to share more with you! Thanks for being a part of this journey! Hope you are well and hopeful too!

I will be in touch again soon with more exclusives and stories, of course! Stay close!

Your Host and Friend,

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