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Your Lavender Sky Vinyl is ready to leave!

Your Lavender Sky Vinyl is ready to leave!

A week ago already, we were sharing what has now become, at least for me, way more than a Facebook Live! Following the amazing conversation we had all together, initiated by this interview I did with Alex after the event, we were all so filled and driven by the spirit of this moment that we all got to work in order to bring those vinyls and everything around it to life right away.

It was very inspiring to witness everyone who decided to get to work on the Lavender Sky vinyl right away, keeping what had just happened alive as long as possible. This is the real joy of being DIY! When things go south, it’s another story, but when we’re all aligned, all inspired by what’s greater than us all, making sure every little detail around a project is filled with the same soul, there's nothing that goes beyond it!

It was Sunday afternoon, we were all overwhelmed by what we had just shared with you previously, but we know how privileged we are to be able to give life to such projects, especially under the actual circumstances where most of you are at home not really knowing what’s ahead, how long it will take for us all to get our lives back, if our existence will be similar to what it was before, or what type of reality we will face once the COVID-19 disappears.

Life seems more blurry than ever, and the horrific execution of George Floyd reminds us that, contrary to the all the slogans we've been hearing since the beginning of the pandemic, we might not be in “it” all together the same way as might have initially thought we were.

That’s why it was so important for us to turn the anger and rage we were feeling into something positive, an open invitation to share a moment for everyone willing to take another chance, to gather beyond the distressing reality of a wounded world that has less and less faith in any potential collective healing. Hope is fragile, but it has the powerful ability to lead us towards forgiveness, reconciliation, and collective transformation.

It’s not easy to keep our faith in better tomorrows alive, and after the uplifting messages you sent us all week long, we wanted to honor this faith by celebrating what music and art should be about, or at least the fundamental reason why Alex and the band are doing music and art; the people!



I started to write notes to everyone placing an order on my online store the moment I created the project Your Favorite Enemies, about 12 years ago now. We would all have different colored post-it notes and would communicate our gratefulness in the simplest of all possible ways; a few handwritten words. It has always been important for me to express my gratitude through such a personal gesture… When I started my solo project, I instinctively decided to write more formal letters.

Maybe I had more things to share and wanted to find a way to do it that would also reflect the personal nature of my album “Windows in the Sky”. It was significant for me to write to every person. For me, it was a sort of introduction to the album itself, especially as I believe there’s a pure kind of intimacy involved in a handwritten letter... You need to take the time to commit to it. I probably wrote a thousand of those letters ever since I have released my album. I start every day writing letters.

It’s a form of meditative and introspective manner to define the rest of my day, to honor the relationship I have with you, to focus on the fundamental human aspect of the connection I have with others. That’s my way to say thank you, to show that I care, that it's not about commerce for me, but about the communal essence words and sounds have the ability to create between each and every one of us. It’s a little human type of gleam in what sometimes feels like a dark and distressing turmoil we live in…

At least, that’s how I see it, and I truly feel privileged to do so, hoping it is also something you appreciate. I will elaborate a little more via my journal “From a stranger to Another” in the upcoming days…

- Alex Henry Foster

Our private courier will come and your online store orders tomorrow. This means that the limited collector edition vinyl for the song “Lavender Sky”, the “Silence Is Murder” t-shirt, or any other of the amazing items we gave life to in our atelier, will soon be delivered to you, my dear friend! So make sure you keep an eye on your emails for your tracking number!

And if you haven’t ordered already, don’t worry, you still have time to do it now if you want to receive it in the upcoming days. We may simply process your order a little later as we now have a courier that comes and pick up your orders pretty much every 10 days! So no one's left behind!

Please, feel free to send me pictures, as I’d love to share those with Alex and The Long Shadows!

Enjoy the music!

Your host and friend,
- Jeff

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