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An Open Conversation with Alex about Kimiyo’s musical journey! - Part II

An Open Conversation with Alex about Kimiyo’s musical journey! - Part II


I hope you’re doing well! It’s Saturday morning and I’m with Alex in my office listening to Interpol’s El Pintor album, as a massive snowstorm has been hitting us all morning…! Someone didn’t get the memo that Spring had arrived a few days ago for sure…! But you know, since we’re spending pretty much all of our days working in the studio, it doesn't change or impact us that much to be honest, which is a great thing! 

I used to really enjoy winter when I was younger as I was playing hockey and snowboarding, but now, it’s just annoying and above all, kinda never-ending! But even if the snow keeps falling down as if it was Christmas eve, it’s been really heartwarming to read your incredible comments and compliments regarding Alex’s upcoming album project Kimiyo, from its design to the song titles, and for you to hear him talk about it ahead of everyone else. 

This musical journey truly is one of a kind, and we’re so impatient for you to see it all tomorrow!!! It’s simply so beautiful and inspiring to see Alex being on fire for music and to connect with you in such a beautiful way!  

Again, such a huge blessing to dwell on a new musical journey with you! Here’s part II of our conversation, exclusively for you!!!

Watch it until the end, there’s an amazing surprise awaiting you!



As I’ve been sharing with you in the past few weeks, we will organize listening sessions taking place the week before the release to gather everyone and make this project a global and collective event.

We thought it would be cool to allow you, The Club members, to invite friends and family over at home for an exclusive listening session of Alex’s project, Kimiyo, during the weekend of April 20th! This album is all about treasuring relationships above circumstances!

Please, let me know if this is something you’d like to be a part of, and I’ll share further details with you!


I really love this contest! Some of you are so close to the answer!!! I’ll share the truth about it in my Missive on April 2nd! Can’t wait!!! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 


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