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Welcome to Alex Henry Foster’s Vinyl Pressing Plant! Exclusively for you - Kimiyo’s vinyl!

Welcome to Alex Henry Foster’s Vinyl Pressing Plant! Exclusively for you - Kimiyo’s vinyl!


I hope you’re doing well! It’s Easter Sunday, 4:30 pm, and I just drove back from our new vinyl pressing plant we named Drummond Vinyl! I’m watching the San Francisco Giants as they’re visiting the San Diego Padres. I’m so thrilled to share this amazing missive with you all! The season has just started and as baseball is now back, so is spring and our journey into the “everything made anew” spirit as well! 

As you now know, we pre-launched Alex’s new musical journey called Kimiyo, and as he shared it himself in his recent studio diary entry.

“Working on that very special project became my lifeline. Momoka became my inner voice. Ben became my musical translator. And as much as I wanted to deny the implacable reality I was in or to push back what was medically inevitable, I knew it would be the last project I would ever work on with MacKaye at my side.” 

It’s in the same spirit that I wanted you to witness the very first copies of this incredible line of work being pressed at our brand-new vinyl pressing plant! 


Did you get the chance to take a look at the new Kimiyo collection? There’s so much vibe and soul to those prestige-looking shirts, hoodies, pink marble effect double LP, and additional depth with the tea, incense, and bracelets! 

What beautiful work by Alex and his forever faithful and creative friend Stephanie! 

Since Kimiyo’s main narrative focuses on the journey of a young person who wrote to Alex Henry Foster years after their encounter to share pieces of her journey about how she found a new sense of self, the task wasn’t easy for Alex and Stephanie to infuse such a powerful testimony of life into what is always for us way more than packages and items, but more a tribute to the spirit of being and living! 

The art of living! 

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Alright…! Where to start with this thing? I know I was supposed to announce the winner to you today, but in all honesty, we haven’t received a winning count yet! So I decided to give you a few more weeks to exercise your eyes in front of Ben’s insane drumming session

Keep up the hard work!!! :) 

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend, 

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