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Grand Premiere - Alex’s New Lyric Video!

Grand Premiere - Alex’s New Lyric Video!


I hope you’re doing well! I’m so blessed and fortunate to write this letter to you while sitting right by the ocean on this beautiful, warm, and shiny Saturday morning…! I’m of course not listening to anything but the sound of the waves hitting the shore, while the wind is nicely adding to this entire symphony of perfection! 

As you probably saw on Alex’s socials last Tuesday, he and I decided to run away to spend a whole week under the sun, looking for a brighter perspective on our ongoing musical journey we’ve been so closely looking at since the beginning of the year. Following Mikko’s first stretch departure, to have the privilege of welcoming Alex’s management team for the very first time at our HQ, and to revisit the entire work we did in the past few months, it was more than necessary for us to simply take a deep fresh breath and to make sure the new music we’re working on is truly aligned with the soul and spirit Alex wanted this album to fully be rooted into. 

As I hope you already read in Alex’s Studio Diary entry, it didn’t take long for us to realize we had embarked on the wrong path at some point during the recording process, and it was such a powerful relief for us to take a step back, regroup, and bring our focus where it matters the most; the soul behind the music!    

I’ll share more about this as the weeks go by. But for now, as we’re getting closer to releasing the incredible musical voyage around Kimiyo, I wanted to share the second lyric video exclusively with you – which is coming out tomorrow; Nocturnal Candescence

Before you dive in and press play, I asked Alex what gave birth to this song, and here’s what he told me: 

"The song conveys the profound emotions of loss, hopelessness, and personal surrender in the context of self-abandonment. It’s an inner scream designed to reach others when we feel invisible to a world that never stops spinning for anyone’s pain to be seen, to be shared. It’s the resilience of being, of believing in another morning shine. It’s the reminiscence of traditional Japanese songs of longing, “哀傷歌 (aishōka)”, defined by mourning, contemplation, and faith in better tomorrows."


I’m always feeling so proud when it comes to sharing exclusives with you all! It truly means the world to us! Sharing and building with you is such a treat! Life is so rich! 

Let’s be great to one another! 

Your Host and Friend, 

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