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Courage is Grace Under Pressure - Conversations #5!

Courage is Grace Under Pressure - Conversations #5!


I hope you're doing great! I’m very happy to discuss Alex's daily studio diaries for the fifth and last episode of this first studio session! There will be another recording stretch with Mikko starting April 1st, so, let’s see how that goes!

This week, I want to focus on 1 topic: Courage is grace under pressure.

I’ll be sharing about how hard last week has been for us all, as so much intense news is hitting us, especially Alex, always coming from his blind side. It’s been a real challenge to navigate those troubled waters, but we truly experienced the real power there is through friendship and what it means for us to be in this band!

And of course, you’ll get a few delightful behind-the-scenes with my lovely partners in crime; Ben and Stephanie!

Our choices are far more powerful than our circumstances!

Don't hesitate if you have any questions following Alex's diaries or this video, I'll also answer them at the beginning of every week!

And don’t forget the Snare Challenge!!!

See you again next Tuesday with more details about Alex’s new musical project!!!

Let’s be great to one another!

Your Host and Friend,


Alex's Diaries

➡ Old fragmented me & new me
➡ Song Titles
   ➡ Up Til Dawn
   ➡ Memories
   ➡ Burning the Bridges
   ➡ Architect of Time
   ➡ Am I Still Awake
   ➡ Storm
   ➡ Walk Fast
   ➡ As Morning Sets In
➡ The passing of Alex's uncle
➡ Anger is an energy
➡ Snare Contest (How many snare shots does Ben give in this snippet?)
➡ Leonard's sleeping habits
➡ Me going mad

Previous Missives

➡ Club Missive about Big Fish
➡ Studio Conversation Episode 4


PS: Here’s a short excerpt of a promo video we’ll launch tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13!

I’m pleased to share this with you first! It’s our way of thanking you for being a faithful member of The Club!

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